Hi there! I’m Stacie, a Chicago based multimedia designer—what does that mean you might be asking yourself? 
I like to generally explain it as being a creative problem solver, as I design and create a multitude of things. From traditional graphic design services, to digital media like web design and video & animation, to signage solutions for built environments, and even drawing and painting—I can help bring almost anything from idea to reality!
After being accepted into the Graphic Design & Digital Media professional program at Iowa State University’s College of Design, I admit I still wasn’t sure where I should focus my creative energy. Thankfully my education and professional experience have trained me in many different facets of art and design: drawings, painting, illustration, typography, graphic design, branding, signage, packaging, social media, marketing, motion graphics, animation, photography, photo editing, web design, videography, video editing, post-production, and 3D computer modeling. The result: a “jill-of-all-trades” designer, able to tackle any creative problem and bring that-thing-you-wanna-make to life! I love being able to work on a variety of projects so each day is new, different, and exciting.
Outside of work, there’s a good chance I’m with Eddie—my big, goofy, sweet rescue dog. Some of our favorite activities include working on his tricks and training, exploring the Chicago lakefront & parks, and cuddling on the couch. I also enjoy cooking and baking, exploring the city, and living in the moment seeking new experiences & adventures. I'm a very curious person who enjoys learning and trying new things!
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