Pictured is the new Hilton Center for Prosthetic Vision Rehabilitation at The Chicago Lighthouse for people who are blind or visually impaired. This space helps them showcase amazing new technology for people who have profound vision impairment. The entire room is designed as a testing space to work with a sensory substitution visual aid device, that allows the user to interpret visual information on a pad that is placed on their tongue. The mouthpiece has a grid of bubble-like dots that change in size to reflect high contrast visuals picked up by the camera.
The space features a number of “test” areas to demo the equipment: the floor has a light colored path down the middle for people to walk down; a replica seeing-eye-dog that can be moved around the room; a street light with interchangeable street signs; a silicon edge graphic frame with interchangeable graphics; a kitchenette with a dining table allows users practice common daily activities with the new assistive vision device; and a special projector & projection screen that enhances contrast, allows the user to test endless new visuals—like walking down a sidewalk—in a safe environment.
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